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Lighthouse Multifamily Group (MBT-P) facilitator training

  • Unipart House Business Center Garsington Rd Oxford, OX4 2PG UK (map)


Gerry Byrne (Lighthouse Director, Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist, MBT Practitioner, Supervisor and Trainer)

Eia Asen (Consultant Child Psychiatrist, Multifamily Therapy Practitioner, Supervisor and Trainer)


We’re excited to present a novel adaptation to the Lighthouse Parenting Programme (MBT-P), which incorporates Eia Asen’s dynamic and creative Multifamily therapy approach. Planning is underway for this training. Please check back for more details soon!

You will gain:

  • Understanding of the centrality of mentalizing to the parent-child relationship. 

  • Understanding of the attachment-oriented Lighthouse metaphors, and confidence to use them in clinical practice.

  • Clinical skills to enhance parents' capacity for mentalizing; in particular mentalizing their children, and mentalizing under stress.

  • Clinical skills for facilitating a mentalization-based parenting group (MBT skills, group therapy skills, and MBT-P specific skills)

  • Experience of being in a parents' group and participating in Lighthouse group activities

  • Understanding of the multi-family group approach

  • Skills for setting up and running multi-family groups

  • Confidence to run the Lighthouse MBT-P group programme with supervision.



To attend the training, you must have either MBT-Basic training (3-day), or MBT-skills training (1-day).

If you later wish to run the Lighthouse Parents group programme in your service, at least one facilitator must be a registered MBT-Practitioner.


Our kind hosts in London

Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust


This programme is primarily for NHS staff within Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services. Some places may be available to others on request. For details and pricing, please contact us