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Lighthouse parents group facilitator training


Gerry Byrne (Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist, MBT Practitioner)

Jasmin Enayati (Adult Psychotherapist, MBT therapist)


You will gain:

  • Understanding of the centrality of mentalizing to the parent-child relationship. 

  • Understanding of the attachment-oriented Lighthouse metaphors, and confidence to use them in clinical practice.

  • Clinical skills to enhance parents' capacity for mentalizing; in particular mentalizing their children, and mentalizing under stress.

  • Clinical skills for facilitating a mentalization-based parenting group (MBT skills, group therapy skills, and MBT-P specific skills)

  • Experience of being in a parents' group and participating in Lighthouse group activities

  • Confidence to run the Lighthouse MBT-P group programme with supervision.



To attend the training, you must have either MBT-Basic training (3-day), or MBT-skills training (1-day).

If you later wish to run the Lighthouse Parents group programme in your service, at least one facilitator must be a registered MBT-Practitioner.


This training is now fully booked.

We are always interested to hear from you. If you would like to discuss hosting a Lighthouse training workshop in your city in the future, please contact us




Image by Steven Byles