Our heartfelt thanks to...

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past lighthouse PARENTS

We have been deeply touched by parents’ gratitude for our programme, and their willingness to give forwards to other families by letting us know what helped their family, and what didn't. We thank you all.


Jane RaY

Jane painted our magical blue-washed seascape images. She is a British illustrator known for her whimsical moonbirds, flying camels, and dancing princesses. We are delighted to have her on our team creating our pirates-in-need, sleeping mermaids, and brave lighthouse keepers.


Madeleine Everett

Madeleine created the stunning anatomical-type images showing parents seeing their children, and feelings inside bodies. She is a British art student. We are in awe of her creative talent and her careful insight into the human mind and heart. 


Pete Tschudy

Pete is an American photographer with a real talent for capturing candid (ordinary-wonderful!) moments between children and their parents. He has kindly allowed us to use his photographs in our materials. Thank you, Pete.


Milo Baumgartner

Milo is a Swiss photographer who has generously allowed us to use his photographs in our materials. We especially love his photograph of a father and son; the perfect illustration of our illuminating beam.



Ruby is a British artist and cartoonist who draws about the ordinary and extraordinary pains, joys, and absurdities of being human.  We love her sense of humor and capacity to capture such real feeling so concisely.  She has kindly allowed us to use her art in our materials. 

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We thank the many collaboratively-minded folks who licence their work via creative commons. 

Our project benefits from the beautiful images by these creative artists and photographers:

Giuseppe Milo
Jen Novotny
Mark Harrington
United Way of Massachusetts Bay
Steven Yeh


We welcome new collaborations!

Are you an animator, illustrator, photographer, researcher, fundraiser?
Passionate about children, families and relationships?  
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